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MaliceNakia (Lupita Nyong'o) joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a globe-trotting war dog and … Audiences are supposed to root for the poor man, but Erik’Killmonger’ Stevens was not an antagonist, and he solved Marvel’s pesky’villain difficulty’. More: Black Panther 2: Every Possible Villain For The Sequel (& Who's Best). Neither Shuri nor M’Baku will become Black Panther at any point during the film, but they will be the primary supporting characters. He will be the lead of the film and will be King and Black Panther moving forward. Black Panther 2 will be a difficult Marvel movie to make in light of the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman. Cooper’s love for movies began by watching Toy Story and Lion King on repeat as a child, but it wasn't until The Avengers that he took an invested interest in movies and the filmmaking process, leading him to discover the world of film journalism. Saturday, 16 January 2021, 01:04 EST. The same report also says that Marvel and Disney are planning to start production on the movie in July 2021 with director Ryan Coogler and most of the original cast returning. One of the biggest questions throughout the development of the sequel has been who the villain will be. Although the identity of Black Panther 2's villain has yet to be revealed, we now know who will play him. Details on have started to come to light recently, though, with filming on Black Panther 2 scheduled to begin in July 2021. The leaker said that Marvel will not change the sequel too much in terms of the villains or the story. Production on Black Panther 2 is beginning to heat up now, with word that a Narcos: Mexico star has been cast in a villainous role. They are preparing the movie Black Panther 2 and rumors persist that the great villain of the first installment could return. The actor is still negotiating the role, with the leaker saying that fans will love him. Namor will be the main villain of Black Panther 2, the leaker said, and will be played by Tenoch Huerta. Doctor Doom will be the secondary “smaller” villain. Whenever he's not writing about gadgets he miserably fails to stay away from them, although he desperately tries. Huerta is best known for his role as Rafael Caro Quintero on Narcos: Mexico and will star in The Forever Purge in 2021. The creatives also talked about doing a prequel at one point. Marvel looked at Shuri taking over the Black Panther role along with M’Baku (Winston Duke) and Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o). Feige agreed, and Coogler has been retooling the script since November for the new character who will become the next Black Panther in the sequel: The Black Panther mantle will be dawned by an original character created by Coogler. Salamander K'Ruel In the comics, Salamander K'Ruel was one of Killmonger's most trusted agents in his original attempt to take control of Wakanda by overthrowing T'Challa. Instead, he’ll be written out of the film, although it’s unclear how that’s supposed to happen. 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The leaker says later in his comments that Marvel is also contemplating doing a Wakanda/Black Panther prequel series starring Sterling K. Brown and Atandwa Kani, who played N’Jobu and young T’Chaka in the first film. 2 Min Read. Related: Marvel Theory: Black Panther 2 Introduces Namor (Not As A Villain). When he isn’t writing about or watching new releases, Cooper is a fantasy football obsessive and looking to expand his Blu-Ray collection – because physical media is still king! From almost the second Black Panther 2 was officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, speculation began pointing to Namor making his long-awaited debut in the McU. Black Panther 2 is surely one of the most anticipated American superhero movies fans … The cast members for Black Panther 2 are Boseman as T' Challa/Black Panther, Winston Duke as M'Baku, Letitia Wright as Shuri, Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia Image Credit: Facebook / Black Panther. Those who have seen his work in Narcos: Mexico know he is capable of delivering a great performance, but Marvel's decision to cast him as Black Panther 2's villain speaks volumes for those who still need to discover Huerta's work. Winston Duke who played the role of M’Baku wants to be the villain in Black Panther 2. Mind you, some (possible) spoilers will follow below. Let’s take a look at how the actor is suggesting himself as the perfect fit for the role as the next mighty villain. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Black Panther 2 is said to be moving forward at Marvel Studios with Tenoch Huerta said to be playing a villain. The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Marvel Studios has tapped Narcos: Mexico star Tenoch Huerta for a villainous role in the upcoming Black Panther 2. Daredevil Star Charlie Cox Reportedly Wraps Filming On MCU Spider-Man 3, Black Panther 2 Casts Narcos Mexico Star As Villain, Marvel Theory: Black Panther 2 Introduces Namor (Not As A Villain), Killmonger's perspective to the forefront of, Black Panther 2: Every Possible Villain For The Sequel (& Who's Best), Every Marvel Movie & TV Show Releasing In 2021, Searching 2 Will Tell An Entirely New Story, If Deadpool 3 Is Rated-R, MCU’s Blade Has To Be Too, Warner Bros. The good news is that Coogler did an excellent job bringing Killmonger's perspective to the forefront of Black Panther, so Huerta's character will hopefully receive a role with an equal amount of depth. "So much of the comics and that first movie is the world of Wakanda. According to THR, Black Panther 2 is readying for a July 2021 shoot date in Atlanta, Georgia, and will film for upwards of six months. He graduated college in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Media & Public Communication, with a minor in Media Production. The 39-year-old Mexican actor would potentially be a fit for Hector Ayala aka White Tiger, but he is not a villain in the comics. In December, Marvel’s Kevin Feige announced that Boseman’s legacy will live on, as Marvel would not recast T’Challa for Black Panther 2. Black Panther 2 has a July 8th, 2022 release date, so a lot could change by then, even if these rumors were accurate when they were written. Killmonger shuffled off this mortal coil at the end of Black Panther, but unlike Wakanda, … Marvel Studios has been developing Black Panther 2 ever since the first film became a worldwide phenomenon in 2018. The latter is a stand-in for Atlantis, and it serves as the Deviants’ underwater city in Marvel comics. Wakanda is a place … Having a totally new Black Panther is not the only surprise in this leak. Boseman played some of its most iconic roles as he battled cancer, including King T’Challa/Black Panther in several MCU films. Saturday, 16 January 2021, 01:04 EST. ... Huerta was the first new actor to be reported for Black Panther 2, although his involvement hasn’t been confirmed yet. He joined Screen Rant in late 2016 following a year-long stint with MCU Exchange, which came after first developing an MCU blog of his own. Other Avengers have retired, so it wouldn’t be totally unexpected. Follow Cooper on Twitter @MovieCooper. Coogler, who wrote and directed the first installment in the franchise, argued against recasting. Purell is still so hard to find in stores - but there are DEEP discounts at Amazon! It will take some time for these rumors to be verified or debunked. Black Panther 2 is assembling its lineup of new and familiar faces. A Fan Favorite Actor From ‘Black Panther’ Wants His Character To Be The Villain In ‘Black Panther 2’ by: Mike Redmond March 9, 2020 Facebook Twitter Flipboard The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It's also worth noting that Coogler wanted Kraven the Hunter to be in Black Panther at one point, and since it doesn't appear he'll be Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 as expected, perhaps Huerta will play Kraven in this sequel. Ryan Coogler is in the middle of rewriting Black Panther 2, and a new rumor suggests that the sequel will finally bring iconic Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom into the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Honoring Chadwick Boseman’s legacy & portrayal of T’Challa, … It all comes from 4chan, so Marvel fans should take everything with an appropriate amount of salt. Marvel wanted to delay Black Panther 2 and ultimately continue with T’Challa, but the studio didn’t want to lose Coogler. Martin Freeman will return as Agent Ross. With Boseman’s T’Challa gone, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) will be the main faces of the MCU. They even looked at having two characters be Black Panther. ... villains, and with good reason. K'Ruel's primary weapon was a bow and arrow with explosive arrows, which made himself one of Killmonger's most useful allies and one of T'Challa's most formidable foes. Namor will be the main villain of Black Panther 2, the leaker said, and will be played by Tenoch Huerta. Every year Cooper looks forward to seeing the latest blockbusters from the likes of Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, but also loves the rush to catch up on Oscar films near the end of the year. Do you need a coronavirus vaccine if you’ve already had COVID-19. Actor Chadwick Boseman passed away last year after a long, secret bout with cancer. I was told he was a member of the Miner or River tribe. In the weeks following his passing, we found out that people who worked with Boseman in recent years had no idea what he was going through, including Marvel and Disney. The leaker said that Feige wanted to recast T’Challa initially, as the character was important for Marvel’s plans. He also had Vibranium inside of him (similarly to Wolverine), which gave him a stro… Black Panther 2 Villain As much as we’d love for Michael B. Jordan to return as Killmonger (he was, after all, one of the best villains in the history of … Black Panther 2 will essentially be a three-way war between Wakanda, Latveria, and Lemuria. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently re-iterated that Black Panther 2 will not use any CGI or special effects to recreate Chadwick Boseman's likeness. Coogler reportedly wanted M’Baku at one point, but he had been pushed for a brand new character from the beginning. Returning Cast - YouTube. It seems like an actor has expressed his interest in playing the next villain in the Black Panther sequel. T’Challa will obviously be replaced with a new candidate, and here’s where things get interesting. He is the first new actor linked to being in Black Panther 2's cast, which is currently set to include the returns of Letitia Wright (Shuri), Angela Bassett (Ramonda), Winston Duke (M'Baku), Danai Gurira (Nakia), Danai Gurira (Okoye), and Martin Freeman (Everett Ross). Black Panther is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, it is the 18th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Black Panther was a huge success for Disney, and a sequel had already been announced when Boseman passed away. Black Panther 2 will reportedly feature Namor as the main villain, but there will be three other bad guys to contend with, too. The cast of Black Panther 2 reportedly has found its villain with Narcos: Mexico star Tenoch Huerta joining the ensemble. Doctor Doom will be the secondary “smaller” villain. If Iron Man and Captain America were the main pillars of the previous MCU phases, Black Panther would carry on the next ones, the same person said. Today's Top Deal Purell is still so hard to find in stores - but there are DEEP discounts at Amazon! No matter what villain Huerta plays in Black Panther 2, the conflict he takes part in will inevitably be different from what Coogler originally had planned. Narcos: Mexico star Tenoch Huerta is in talks to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the villain of Black Panther 2, but his role is not known. Paula Carol. Chris Smith started writing about gadgets as a hobby, and before he knew it he was sharing his views on tech stuff with readers around the world. Narcos: Mexico Star Cast As Black Panther 2 Villain. A new rumor claims that Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger could be set for a return to Wakanda in Black Panther 2. Tenoch Huerta, Mexican actor, would be a villain in Black Panther 2; Red Dead Redemption The Outlaws collection leaks for PS5 and Xbox Series; The Game Awards 2020: Meet the nominees for GOTY and other categories The cover of Black Panther #1, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The actor was supposed to resume work for the untitled sequel, reports said, just as Ryan Coogler was finishing the script. Apparently, Okoye (Danai Gurira) and Nakia will have smaller roles as a result. Marvel has yet to confirm anything beyond the fact that Black Panther 2 is still happening, The one exception being that the movie will not use a CGI version of … By-Manish Kumar. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Apparently a relative of Nakia. He was described to me as a strong, quiet, powerful but also broken young man with a very unique back story. M'Baku actor, Winston Duke, wants to be the main antagonist in "Black Panther 2." Instead, Huerta could theoretically work as either Doom or Namor, if one of them is the villain of Black Panther 2 after all. Killmonger. Neither of those characters is Latino in the comics, but the MCU could make it work. Black Panther 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, villain, spoilers and everything you need to know. Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger from Black Panther is regarded as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's best foes, so there is a high bar for the sequel to try and match. For fans of Black Panther, this was a … The sequel will once again see Ryan Coogler write and direct, although tragedy did strike with the death of Chadwick Boseman earlier this year. The same person said that T’Challa would not die, as we’ve all been expecting. Fans have long speculated that major Marvel characters like Doctor Doom or Namor could take such a role. The first Black Panther took the world by storm upon its release two years ago, earning over $1 billion at the worldwide box office and becoming the first comic book film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. Winston Duke wants M'Baku to be the villain in Black Panther 2. The famed Marvel actor kept the diagnosis a complete secret, leaving fans truly devastated when his death was announced. Without any teases of who Huerta is playing, his addition will leave room for fans to speculate about what Marvel villain he could play. After Boseman died, a vocal contingent of fans online has campaigned for Wright's character Shuri, the genius kid sister of T'Challa, to assume the … Shuri Will Be Black Panther! Wright is reportedly set to "take on a more prominent role" in Black Panther 2, while Narcos: Mexico star Tenoch Huerta is in talks to play one of the villains of the sequel. Marvel Studios has yet to address what this means for Black Panther 2, deciding instead to continue mourning the loss of a global icon. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. List Price:$75.60 Price:$51.90 ($0.54 / Fl Oz) You Save:$23.70 (31%) Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Buy Now Available from Amazon BGR may receive a commission. Marvel isn’t letting out there plans for this until the last second.

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