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Dries super fast and doesn’t hurt like other waxes!!! The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are a beautiful menagerie of colored gases that bear a striking resemblance to this iridescent wax. It grabbed every single hair on an upper lip wax! I don’t think i will ever use another wax again! Looking forward to keep using it on my guests! Great wax, I have experienced so many different wax formulas since I started working in my own studio, beside my 9 years experience at EWC and about 7 months at WTC, Mermaid wax it’s by far one of the best waxes I have work with! We got you, join now! So excited! Overall this company is one of the best around. A great alternative when flames are not allowed or desired. is the perfect candle for that person that loves a sweet smelling, boozy and berry scent! Plus who doesn't love the mermaid tail design? *See offer details. That's right, no more irritation caused by other wax lines. By far hands down the best wax I’ve gotten my hands on. Wholesale items come in larger bulk packages. Shop The Malicious Mermaid at Wayfair for a vast selection and the best prices online. While the novel stands strong on its own…we really want to hear more from Maddie, Kyra, Nicole, and Avery…and cute baby Dustin. Melt burner required and sold separately. 8 OZ SAMPLE JAR. Hades’ name was rarely spoken as it invoked terror and fear in all. Perfect for any type of hair. Hades means “The Unseen One” as he is the ruler of the invisible world. They enjoy this wax more than others I have use, in the past. I love how elastic it is and how a little goes such a long way! It is highly adaptable and I believe this wax will improve the overall waxing experience for both the client and the waxer. Spreads like butter... and goes on super thin without breaking! We don't want to brag, but our cocktail candles are really the best. Mermaid Smooth Round Glass Beads, Clear Rainbow Iridescent Mermaid Beads, Blue Mermaid Beads, 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm ArtisanSocietyStore From shop ArtisanSocietyStore 4.5 out of … by Mermaid Wax can certainly be enjoyed by itself, however this. This wax is not for the faint of heart, proceed with trepidation and beware of Cerberus, his three-headed dog. Mermaid wax is a little pricey but worth the money, works fantastic! Before my opening day I was able to test it on a one friends and myself. It’s when things go wrong that we wish the waxes would continue to perform well- AND Mermaid Wax Signature Series did just that! The Sirena/Poseidon combo is my favorite. Especially, for new professionals, I think this wax can take waxers from being good or so-so to dare I say great! Our Signature Series wax is a first of it's kind. Sets up quickly as well! First off I love the colors. :). There's no other wax that does that. Mermaid hard wax is hair removal wax for the "Next Gen" Our Super elastic hard wax is vegan friendly, allergen & cruelty free. Poseidon hard wax is the lowest cost premium hard 10/10 recommend. While hiding among the rocks by the shore, she sings a spellbinding song to seduce and control all who hear it. I am most definitely sold and will be sticking with mermaid wax from here on out! I LOVE this wax!! Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and at Fragrance Notes: Berry Sangria, Blood Orange and Sea Salt I'm extremely happy. In Roman and Greek Mythology, Aurora is Goddess of the Dawn. Also, it doesn't take super long to dry so you can work quickly or slowly, whatever you need. ✨ stunning. WARNING: Once you enter the Underworld and are drawn in by Hades, you can never escape. It was a great experience working with this wax and I will definitely be making another order. If necessary, a cleanup strip should remove any "stragglers" left behind. This super elastic wax is ideal for both fine and coarse hair, meaning it can be used on the face, bikini and body. Melts do not have a wick and are made to be used with a warmer. This quick cooling formulation works wonders for both fine and coarse hair and is ideal for most skin types. I was originally using ital wax and it just doesn’t compare. I love mermaid wax ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Wait a couple of seconds for the wax to cool. Because when waxes are applied perfectly under perfect conditions they work. And it’s pretty!! A sweet fruity accord with notes of strawberry, peach, raspberry and rhubarb, with a hint of green leaf, followed by a touch of florality, all resting on a base of vanilla. My order was shipped within the day of when I placed the order! I love how pretty it is! DIY Paint is clay and chalk based with a high quality dream finish. It's a FINtastic Way To Sea What's Up w/Mermaid! Our goal is to offer the highest quality wax at the lowest possible price. This wax contains no Colophonium or animal-derived products, therefore it is the ONLY hard wax that is both Hypoallergenic/Allergen Free and Vegan Friendly. Mermaid Wax Gift Card From $25.00 Sign Up For The "New New" Updates, happenings, new product alerts, special offers, and coupon codes. Best customer service. Wholesale Pricing for Electra, our Aqua Signature Series Hard Wax which is Vegan Friendly & Allergen Free. Electra is also the name of the storm clouds that manifest close to mountaintops near oceans. Best results I’ve had and I’ve tried them all. To Kristen, the creator, thank you a million times over for creating such a magical wax! Restrictions apply. In Greek mythology, Electra was the Goddess of storm & sea clouds. I have tried a million wAxes!! I tested out the Signature Series wax by literally doing everything wrong! She was the sister of Helios (the Sun God) and Seline (the Moon Goddess). It's a FINtastic Way To Sea What's Up w/Mermaid! Pricing for wholesale items discounted for Licensed Professionals, not intended for personal use. Truly a befitting name for our black wax with fire accents! I tried so many different hard waxes looking for my holy grail, until Mermaid! Every morning, would rise from the sea, fly across the sky in her multi-colored horse-drawn chariot, and announce the arrival of the Sun to her siblings. Shop our large selection of mermaid statues, figurines, and sculptures at affordable prices. Although not a mermaid-like creature, this powerful Goddess is one of the most popular characters in Greek Mythology. Need Supplies For Your Wax Salon? Hades is the King of Death and the God of the Underworld, the place where human souls go after death. Mermaid Wax | Mermaid Wax is Next Generation Hard Wax for Hair Removal. Great! For details on pricing, discounts, and promotions click here. The Signature Series really is top- notch! My absolutely FAVORITE wax I've ever used, and I've used a lot! This wax is everything. Our candles are always, lovely, cozy and boozy, but boozy is our favorite child shh! In Philippine Mythology, Sirena is a vicious mermaid known as an Engkanto, a Filipino term for mythological guardians of the water. BFCM Discounts Wax For Hair Removal – Mermaid Wax $100 off (3 days ago) Hoodies B2G2 Buy 2 Get 2 Free Code: BFCM2020-B2G2-HOODIE; Stickers 3-4-1 Buy 1 Get 2 Free Code: BFCM2020-341 *items must be of equal or lesser value. Using the edge of a wax spatula, apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of the hair growth using smooth and firm pressure. We have a variety of online training or email support@mermaidwax.com for more help. PAINT PIXIE Wax Brushes (6) PENNELLI GIULIANI Flat Brushes (5) PIXIE PROTECTORS & BRUSH SOAP (4) STENCIL BRUSHES (0) STORE POLICIES (0) TTI Artist Brushes & Palette Knives (28) XENART Mermaid Paint (2) French75, Chardonnay, Gin, Vodka... all your favorite boozy scent notes can be found here. Exactly what I was looking for , unique but effective! (Been in the industry for 10 years). Our goal is to offer the highest quality wax at the lowest possible price. Updates, happenings, new product alerts, special offers, and coupon codes. We are launching our two flagship products Sirena & Electra this summer, 2019. Visit our site to signup for pre-ordering. Hades, along with his brothers Poseidon and Zeus, defeated the Titans and divided the cosmos with Hades receiving the Underworld. The sparkle is beautiful and my clients rave about it in my reviews! Love it! is only the beginning of something much greater. There's nothing quite as regal nor as mysterious as a wax seal on a note, scroll, or envelope...or fridge or filing cabinet! My first bulk order! The Signature Series is super elastic so it can be used on the bikini area, legs, face, you name it! These glitter bombs are so much fun! Debi's DIY Paint, Chalk - Clay Furniture Paint NO VOCS, ONE STEP PROCESS. The Signature Series is a low temperature hard wax formulation that is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Made by an Esthetician, specifically for Estheticians. I could do with out the stringiness but if that’s all I have to deal with to have such an amazing wax performance than so be it! Mermaid Dreams fragrance notes- A beautiful floral creation of blooming violet, white rose, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, and lily. Waxing Kit for Women Men Coarse Hair Removal with Moisturizing Hard Stripless Wax Beads, Relaxing Wax Kit for Legs, Face, Underarm, Bikini, Brazilian 0 Reviews … Aurora by Mermaid Wax can certainly be enjoyed by itself, however this Goddess of the Dawn is only the beginning of something much greater. Similar to finding the perfect wax; though it may be difficult at first, all power & seduction, once you harness the power of Sirena, she will become the most loyal & subservient wax. And there is a shimmer to them. I absolutely love this wax. I had been on the hunt for a new wax to start my business with and I could not be happier with this wax! Mermaid Wax is made by an Esthetician, specifically for Estheticians. Polycyclopentadiene, Microcrystalline Wax (Cera Microcristallina), Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Paraffin, Castor (Communis Ricinus) Seed Oil, Mica, Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate, Aluminium Hydroxide (CI 77002), Red 27 (CI 45410), Violet 2 (CI 60725), Tin Oxide (CI 77861), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Polycyclopentadiene, Microcrystalline Wax (Cera Microcristallina), Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Paraffin, Mica, Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate, Green 6 (CI 61565), Tin Oxide (CI 77861), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Polycyclopentadiene, Microcrystalline Wax (Cera Microcristallina), Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Paraffin, Mica, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Polycyclopentadiene, Cera Microcristallina, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Paraffin, Carbon Black (CI 77266), Iron Oxide (CI 77491), Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Silica, Glyceryl Rosinate, Rosin (Colophonium), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Paraffin, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Triethanolamine, Lanolin, Mica, Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate, Violet 2 (CI 60725), Red 17 (CI 26100), Tin Oxide (CI 77861), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Polycyclopentadiene, Microcrystalline Wax (Cera Microcristallina), Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Glitter, Paraffin, Mica, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Glitter. They throw in some goodies too with your order! We hope you join our Mermaid Family. Shop Target for Wax Warmers you will love at great low prices. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Sirena was known to have a beautiful and mesmerizing voice that attracts and hypnotizes. Shop our Premium Bead Wax, Glue Gun Wax, Flexible Wax, Kings Traditional Wax in hundreds of rich colors that are easy to use and mail. Alphabet Wax Seal Stamps & Handle 3 stars (2) price $19.99 Quick view Gold Wax Beads & Spoon 1 1 stars 5 (1) price $12.99 Quick view Butterfly Wax Seal Stamp price $9.99 Quick view Mermaid Sandgria (get it?!) My clients have stated that it has a softer pull than my previous wax! I love doing legs with it because you can lay a strip from top to bottom with NO breaking. It makes my job so much easier and it’s beautiful!

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