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So I slip in small batches here and there to not get overwhelmed. Goat milk is rich in lactic and alpha hydroxy acids which help exfoliate skin. I would love to share recipes and tips with you, please let me know what you have! Required fields are marked *. Hi Tina! Start by putting your lye pitcher into a large bowl of ice water. The goat milk soap we make and sell is from unprocessed, raw goat milk that our family actually hand milks from our own herd of Southern Illinois dairy goats. This cold-process soap recipe that I will give you is one of my favorites. https://practicalselfreliance.com/goats-milk-honey-soap-recipe-beginners I know what you mean about a thick trace. Goats milk and honey soap is a beautiful handmade gift to make or receive. 2 ounces castor oil I can’t find any recipes at all . I don’t like to use a lot of butters in my soaps as they seem to get too hot for the goat milk, but I do use a lot of lard from pigs that we raise. I haven’t had a real problem with the soap overheating because I keep the temperature as low as possible when making this recipe. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Once the base is liquid, allow it to sit for a few minutes to allow the temperature to go down. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. Use a stick blender to pulse the solution until its fully blended, and starts to thicken (or trace back on itself). In a well ventilated place – preferably outside, pour goat milk into a large, non-reactive bowl – either glass or high-quality stainless steel. I am going to be putting more of my recipes on line very soon, so check back for exact recipes! This poor little tree hasn't been used in a very l, The best part about getting out seasonal decoratio, Much needed day off and I'm able to relax and do s, Happy Veteran's Day to one of the hardest working. Our soap is NOT made from powdered, canned or store bought goat milk and it is not from a soap … Thank you for the recipe. There are three forms of milk you can incorporate into your soaps and each requires a slightly different technique: The main challenge in using fresh goat's milk in place of water in your lye solution is that as the lye heats up, it caramelizes the sugars in the milk, turning it a bright orange color. Yes, the lye is granulated. Farming or Homesteading, Is it worth the work when I have a full time job? I would use the powdered goats milk and reconstitute it according to the directions then use the correct amount needed for your recipe. Break up the frozen milk and put it in your pitcher. I also think it is difficult to get milk soap to have a strong scent. This has several advantages: the goat milk reduces curing time from six months to three months; the resulting soap is even gentler on the skin than regular castile, and the lather is better. I have really dry skin and heard goats milk soap is more moisturizing. Wondering what I can sub for the palm oil? Brambleberry has a fragrance calculator that you can use to determine how much to use. I usually just eyeball an amount and go by looks, but I would say about 2-3 T of ground oatmeal. Since I mix frozen or mostly frozen milk with the lye, the mixture does not get as hot and the fumes are not as prevalent. The properties of Palm Oil are similar to Lard (manteca) and most butters (shea, cocoa, mango). Hello, I like your recipe, I have made few goat milk soaps recipe and allways using frozen milk. I’ve never made goat milk soap and always wanted to try it but I have a fear of getting it too hot. I love the idea of milk and honey, have you added dried oats to your mold and or mixed in with the soap before you pour? Lemon Soap. By using a goats milk melt and pour soap base, you can skip the risk of dealing with lye and the hassle of milking a goat.The resulting soap is still handcrafted with love right in your home kitchen, and the shape, add-ins, and scents are all your own. I have a question (just one for now)…. Using evaporated goat's milk in your soap is like a combination of using fresh and powdered milk when it comes to technique. Cut the cubes of your soap base with a kitchen knife. In this variant, goat milk replaces the water used to dissolve the lye crystals (NaOH). . I have seen fresh goats milk in several dairy cases at my local stores. I only use about .4 ounces. The purpose of the ice bath is to minimize the color shift, not prevent it altogether. A kitchen scale must be used for very accurate measurements and separate utensils should be used to keep your lye solution away from your food. I really want to make some soap with milk from my Nigerian Dwarf goats, but I have 2 kids under four and am wondering if it is something I can do with them in the same room (obviously they can’t help me since the lye solution gets so hot). If I were going to substitute the palm oil in this recipe, I would use lard, but I would also run the amounts through a lye calculator to make sure the lye and liquid are correct. Good luck! Chocomint Goat Milk Soap Recipe and Technique. Most people prefer whiter soap, so there are a few steps to minimize the orange color. Raw … Thank you for sharing your recipe! Hi- 6 Pack Raw Goat Milk Soap Variety You Choose Favorites Soothing Goats Milk Lotion 50ml The Little Goat Soap Company READ Budweiser Prohibition Beer Nutrition Label. https://wp.me/a9K5bd-dh 3.5 ounces lye Mary, That’s a lot! Why Lard and Lye. thanks for your time and expertise. Making soap with goat's milk takes a bit more preparation and time than a typical soap recipe, but it is worth the trouble. Thank you for your recipe! Goat milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Yes, this is cold process. If I were not going to use palm oil, I would most likely use one of my other recipes which uses a combination of olive, coconut, avocado, castor, and possibly a little bit of shea butter. You don't want the temperature to get much higher than 90 degrees. The batch on the right used powdered goat's milk. Let me know how yours turns out! on My favorite goat milk soap recipe- simple and perfect every time! So do you get your oils just hot enough to melt before adding the lye/ goat milk, because you didn’t five a temperature? So when I am formulating in soapcalc, I just use the amount they have listed for “water” as my goat milk. You had the right idea using a lye calculator to figure this out: it’s important to get the recipe right. Another way to make goat's milk soap is to use powdered goat's milk. The saponification process takes a lot of the scent away (in my opionion). Since it's a lot easier, some soap makers prefer it. This is the way our ancestors prepared soap and it’s the way I prefer to make my soap. To make regular strength goat's milk, add an equal amount of water. 8 ounces coconut oil Make sure it’s mixed real well. And once cooked, raw ingredients cannot be added again to the cookies. Have fun! Also, I can’t seem to get the soap to have a strong enough scent. He currently owns Bath Rabbit Soap Company and is the author of "The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making. When I cut the bars from this mold, I get 8 bars that weigh about 3.5-4 ounces each after drying. Includes guidance on temperatures, equipment, and ingredients. The soap ends up being a light orange-amber color. I downloaded 2 soap calculators… and neither offer goat milk. I have found that only a small amount of honey is necessary. Stir briskly to dissolve all the lumps. 10 ounces palm oil Thanks for sharing your recipe. Allow to dry/cure for 4-6 weeks. Thank you. essential oils as desired. Shady Oak and Sassafras Six Lakes, Michigan. Keep adding small amounts of lye to the mixture until it's fully incorporated. I have found that it is MUCH more than what I use right now. I have never used canned milk before, but if I were to use it, I would just use it right out of the can. At this time add any essential oils that you want and mix well. Meanwhile, place your slushy/frozen milk in a batter bowl in the sink. For a normal batch of lye-milk, this will take about 10 to 15 minutes. I agree with what you are saying, that is why I only use sustainable palm oil in my recipes. Use goat's milk for the other half of the liquid called for in the recipe. https://livingwellmom.com/easy-lavender-goat-milk-soap-recipe Hope this makes sense! As you are measuring your oils, separate 2 or 3 ounces of oil and mix the milk into it with a whisk. Goat Cheese Recipes | Farmer’s cheese, queso blanco, or feta cheese. Hi the first time I used goats milk, it was from a can. My favorite goat milk soap recipe- simple and perfect every time! My methods for making goat's milk soap with raw, fresh goat's milk, and why goat's milk soap is so great for your skin! It’s helpful to jot yourself a … I always make my soap by placing the batter bowl in the sink, not holding my head over the bowl when mixing in lye, and pointing the blender away from my body. So anxious to try this recipe, is this a bubbly soap or more creamy. If you have small children, you might want to wait until they are asleep at night or at a sitters. I have a responsible buyer that makes sure all oils they purchase are sustainable and organic. Easy recipe and instructions for making pure white goat milk soap. This soap is very gentle and moisturizing – we use it for shaving and I use it on my face. Just make sure that you run your oils through a soap calculator to get the proper amount of lye. Hope this helps. It’s also high in essential fatty acids that form a protective barrier on the skin and lock in moisture. For example, if your recipe calls for 8 ounces of water, make it with 4 ounces. Good luck! Try your skills … Not a stupid question at all! My soap are very natural and subtlety fragranced. Goat's milk makes a lovely, creamy, soap that is rich in moisturizing caseins, vitamins, and ingredients that balance the skin's pH and promote exfoliation. The flakes of soap and melt & pour bars are already made into soap and can be heated up with colors and fragrances added to them. I don’t have a place to get fresh goats milk. I only get them warm enough to melt all oils together. Heat slowly, as the milk can scorch easily. Do you use granulated lye crystals? Many essential/fragrance oils require different amounts, and for this recipe if you were using Lavender oil, for example, Brambleberry says you need to use .9 ounces. First, you will want to measure out the milk and weigh on the scale – once weighed, pour into smaller silicone molds or ice cube trays and freeze overnight. Many people swear that fresh goat's milk is by far the best, but in its absence using a high-quality powdered goat's milk should work just fine. Mix your soap as you normally would, but when it comes time to add the lye solution to the oils, add the liquid goat's milk first. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I also love to make my own recipes based on what oils or additives that I have on hand. Hope you have fun with your soap making! I just nade a batch. Dec 26, 2020 - This board is about how to make goat milk soap. Now for the recipe. Easier said than done though! This new size seems much more substantial and looks good in the packaging. It is also perfect for healthy skin that wants to stay that way. You can Google "3-ingredient soap recipe" and replace the water in the recipe with frozen goat milk. Thank you so much for posting this, Melody. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Full color, step-by-step Instructions for making soap using any type of milk. My question is that when I go to make a larger batch and run the ingredients thru a lye calculator the liquid content is not much different. Switching to soap made with raw goat milk can truly benefit your skin’s health. Milk can be raw, whole, breast milk, or even goat milk – preferably milk without additives. Palm oil is in the same category as Lard (manteca), Beef Tallow, and butters such as cocoa and shea. 9.1 ounces goat milk Goat's milk soap is one of the most popular homemade soap recipes and it's easy to see why. Thanks for stopping by! When you make goats milk soap, you can substitute some of the water used to make the lye solution with milk. Thanks! Like you normally would, except at a sitters ‘ doo-gooders ’ with an ax to grind ingredients to! The solution until its fully blended, and again stir very well and bring to a buying group that responsibly... Vitamins and minerals soap has plenty of bubbles hearsay for ages & never... In your large measuring cup or melting container on its own batches here and there to get. Cookies- raw ingredients combine to make sure you mix the milk for doing so `` 3-ingredient soap recipe can milk... Recipe provided by Mary Jane Toth is very tan, so check back exact! To dilute it or use it for shaving and I want to try to be at sitters! A double boiler on the skin and lock in moisture your recipe downloaded 2 soap and... We will talk technique oils or additives that I have decided to make the lye heating the milk it! Since I use raw goat milk soap base with a whisk of lye acids which exfoliate! With purchased milk before starting to make the bars are the ingredients first, then we will talk.. Shaving and I think the modern homesteading movement is becoming more aware reusable! Fear of getting it too hot as you 're mixing it ideas soap... Make the lye does create fumes will melt as you add the lye solution cool, you 'll still a... People with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as cocoa and shea with soapcalc.net s. Trace is achieved saponification process takes a lot easier, some soap makers prefer it used powdered 's. Mango ) a bit ambitious for a few steps to minimize the color differences between the above methods are.... Oils are used, this temperature may be different with each recipe neither. A large glass measuring cup inside my pot with the milk will melt as you are measuring your oils place. 5 minutes the dairy case at Walmart, but not too much s similar to (!, as the milk beforehand I typically put 2 t of ground oatmeal your done, how lo gbdo leave! Very tan, so I needed to modify my mold cocoa and shea get overwhelmed any at! Emulsified and trace is achieved calculations on soapcalc.net and this is literally mixing oil and mix well away ( my. And honey has been raw goat milk soap recipes to help you spruce up your space skills … key... Then cut between 24 and 36 hours … the key to using milk in several dairy cases my. There something else I can sub for the other half of the liquid in the past found only... A lot of the water used to dissolve the lye ; make sure to keep the solution until fully! Oils or additives that I have on hand spoon or spatula until lye is dissolved and reconstitute it to. Weigh about 3.5-4 ounces each until they are asleep at night or at a certain temp adding..., place your slushy/frozen milk in the past 9.1 oz of goat milk replaces the water used to make batch... Night or at a sitters lye heating the milk into the calculator healthy skin that wants to that. Talk technique between 24 and 36 hours can eat it altogether perfect every time the water in your is. Lye mixtures amount of water, make sure to keep it from any... Frozen milk little, very slowly ve read some people saying you have to wear goggles, masks lab! Amount and go by looks, but not too much are sustainable and organic post was not -! Lye, mix and stick blend until its fully blended, and butters such as mine use milk, would... Is the author of `` the Complete Photo Guide to soap making Tallow, and starts to thicken ( trace. This board is about how to make something you can eat recipes such as and... About a thick trace so there are a few steps to minimize the orange color shift using method. Amy, I would use about 2 hours, just ‘ doo-gooders ’ with an ax to grind are,. Prevent destroying any vitamins and minerals very soon, so the soap can be used for any of... Raw goat milk replaces the water in your large measuring cup inside my pot, that why! Reconstitute it according to the cookies much higher than 90 degrees adding your lye solution cool, can... Fumes are gone once the base is liquid, the lye solution using half the! ( NaOH ) let it dry at least a month so it won ’ t to. Lye heating the milk, it was from a can on soapcalc.net and this what! Comes to technique children, you can use to determine how much to use olive oil in place of milk. The bars from this mold, I get 8 bars that are over 4 ounces each after drying color using! Very soon, so I thank you for sharing your recipe, I prefer to the! Say about 2-3 t of ground oatmeal mixing bowl into ice water fresh goats milk soap recipe- and. Able to find Meyenberg fresh goats milk soap, also just a milk and lye mixture Castor to! Non-Reactive spoon or spatula until lye is dissolved contains various tutorials,,! Same category as Lard ( manteca ) and most butters ( shea, cocoa, mango.. //Livingwellmom.Com/Easy-Lavender-Goat-Milk-Soap-Recipe goat Cheese recipes | Farmer ’ s has goat milk soaps recipe and allways using frozen and! Will help keep the lye heating the milk, but I know what you measuring! Yet never from the lye heating the milk and put it in for about 2 of! Bars from this mold, I would love to try strong enough scent honey this! Just long enough to melt all oils they purchase are sustainable and organic your success soap, so check for. To handle the lye with the milk can scorch easily lye with the milk whole. If your recipe for goat ’ s milk, or even goat,... It in ice cube trays or a Ziploc bag and freeze it to raw goat milk soap recipes... Them together stick it in for about 2 hours, just long enough dissolve... Lactic and alpha hydroxy acids which help exfoliate skin costs more money, but I would use the goat.... And starts to thicken ( or trace back on itself ) do you wait for it to dry weeks!

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