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Business page news feed not scrolling properly all going under the write something block & can’t see posts or add a post! Most recent feed and top posts feeds aren’t updating, I’m over it. Not working in the upper thumb of michigan (USA), Facebook just stopped working in Lexington,North Carolina, Facebook not working in Lexington,North Carolina. On pc using Chrome and using Firefox. Today, I get this message: I’ve been having this same problem for the last week! That is, until this evening. There is a problem with store integration and size/color options not present when ordering, incorrect information and shipping times,messages not getting to customers, inability to open messages, orders showing pending for months even though pending orders are supposed to be resolved in 24-48 hours. The update sucks. pic.twitter.com/WzYBAKG5Qq, Quand tes notifications facebook ne veulent plus apparaître ? been a few days now…any word? Mentioned below are the top 10 ways to fix Facebook notifications not working. From Athens Greece. Nothing but a white page again, why does this keep happening when I log into FB? Anyone else having issues or is it just me? Within a few hours people found solutions but, unfortunately, it didn’t seem to last long. I can only see first posting, the next one is trying to load. Help! Reports have been coming in for at least an hour with people noticing issues. Timeline and Home page will not load properly. But a look at their platform status on the Facebook Developers Platform reveals a little more. If it has been removed or deleted then why is every one commenting and liking or what not? Down in South Florida. When I try to click on Most Recent in my newsfeed it is not showing things in the most recent order? Cannot scroll through posts, Find Friends comes up and can’t get past it. Same issue with Instagram, no new pics since Monday. That’s if it loads at all. Iowa. I CANNOT POST ANYTHING ON MARKETPLACE. past 3-4 days too. my wife’s and 2 daughters accounts are shut down. Around 4 p.m. Eastern, Facebook’s platform had noted that issue as “resolved,” however some people are still noticing issues. Not going to happen in our world-wide-web! exactly….just started this morning. When trying to review and vet the hundreds of requests, Facebook will only show so many, then wants to load the next batch down the page. Trying to do a search through the Facebook API using the search of graph. Yes my face book when I click on it has shown The same news feed for over 4 days. Newsfeed and Timeline only show 2 posts and same for Notifications. Chrome on Windows PC. Same here, since mid-morning. FB is more worried about politics than being a social media for all. Facebook feed just flickering, not loading. Just white screens with rotating circles. It’s the same on my phone as well as on my other computers. Messages on your iPhone or iPad allows you to search for various GIFs in #images to send so that you can send (and receive) moving images easily. It wont open at all in web browsers on my computer, in the Android or iOS apps. I felt like fb was trolling me when it told me to find friends. Have clicked “this was me” multiple times. Powered by. We have identified the root cause and a fix has been released. Is anyone having problems today? will flash on and off between views. Tried shutting down and logging back in, updating etc with no luck. This has been happening for a few days and I can’t stand it. Offer may be cancelled or modified at any time without notice. Everyone is being hit repeatdly as this is not going away anytime soon as other’s have already been hit 3 – times with all the same E-Mail and fake sign-in to getting log-in when im all Auto -Sign-in on both platforms ios & windows ….After it all it was only a matter of time as more & more have already Sacked their own Accounts now ,and this is bad buisness as google is a constantly being asked ”whats happing in FBook in 2017 ” page after page of these fourms are filing-up in a massive way ,what to do is what to do is lave it to Facebook to resolve this much needed crap way of Phishing as every program has flaws to easter eggs Ect….and TOOLS THAT KILL IT – F A C T : ) PEACE. However, You will know about the ways to get rid of this issue. Same as others on this forum Have latest update, uninstalled, tried again. My Facebook mobile has had the following going on since The beginning of November. Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few minutes. It will not load nothing at all. At midnight ALL my news feed disappers then builds up gradually with the next day but at most it only shows ONE day. Got in once on my kindle fire though. same with different browsers . Which is still gone, by the way. Anyone know what is causing this and how I can get to the older posts from my friends. Really not happy. I can share on my page but can’t comment on my own page…or read comments on my own page. Though phone’s Internet Explorer, it is up-to-date and however lists (Only) the first brief line of each Comment and Reply. I can’t find answers anywhere. Facebook is double spacing my words when I’m commenting on a thread on facebook. Just reported it via Facebook community page. Different photos, different servers. Tried reporting it but I have no idea if that went thru. Have rebooted, signed out and back into my FB account and emptied my cache/browsing history. Servers down with a sorry error, I think the iPhone and Android app is working right now. FACEBOOK..what is going on. That would be great. This morning, it keeps crashing. I’m afraid I’m going to lose the post! Only showing 2 posts as of this morning – what do I need to change, or is there a problem? FB have closed my submissions re the problem. I have had repeated problems with the newsfeed since I updated the app 6 days ago!! No other browser was ever used. Down in Girard, KS, not working in Connecticut – it’s deleting messages. Worked just fine last night. Can comment on other’s pages. Same problem… I’m afraid FB doesn’t like my politics, and passion for protecting Constitutional Rights. Only getting two stories on my news feed. I use fire fox and for 2 or 3 days now most of the posts on my feed only have headlines, no other pictures or info. Been like this for a week or more. April 4, April 4, Facebook shits off goes black, skips all over. News Feed just flickers, no posts. no facebook here, been trying for a couple of hours now, no facebook. ; To update or install. Cant access Facebook in india, been trying all day May 19. Can go to other people’s pages. This morning my fb stop loading I don’t know what’s happen? My messenger is still down on my laptop and android. It also will shut off the app randomly if I go into a post and try to read them or comment. No likes, no comments, nothing else. 2004 – 2009: Facebook was born in 2004, but its newsfeed didn’t show up until 2006. I report to Facebook daily and just get an auto response. Facebook still down as at 9.35pm. ... WhatsApp Giving Data to Facebook, Apple Glasses, AirTags and More! On all the pages, mine too, there is a much more rapid response than usual. Three Month Free Fitness+ Trial Not Working for Some Users. I’ve got over 700 friends yet only seeing a few friends posts. Won’t work on my fire tablet or my S8. All day today!!!! Ticker not loading & unable to view photos, stating content is not avail or is empty space… Northern NY, been down aug 2017 for the last half hour so annoying, It say theres a site issue , been going on too long now. See the same thing since yesterday. Trying to post a photo resulted in it hanging. Face book game not working shawdogun dead zone game not loading whats going on? Pretty aggravating. Today’s issue appears to be an isolated incident. Have to reload to see new stuff. lol. What is wrong? Is Facebook Down? My news feed just keeps FLASHING every story for about a couple of sec. How do you contact FB to see if they are having problems? ?‍♀️ #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/ad8QxoVh7f, — Alicia Penman (@mrspenno30) January 25, 2020, Why wont facebook give me my notifications??!!?? The photo is a 188kb png file….also tried it with the .jpg format. Received nothing but a standard reply. We also lost all our messages a few weeks ago and it appars this might have happened again since we cannot even retrieve or view any of them. I have changed some of my friends to be see first. So, update it from App Store if you have an iPhone. I’ve started a blog on my website and working to get a resolution. My Page Feeds stopped working eight days ago, but a link (after doing some Google searching) worked, to where I was able to pull up my Page feeds. Any answers to correctly this problem will be helpful. Slow to load and not refreshing, having these problems in Arkansas. I started using Facebook Friendly and whilst it is clunky it doesn’t have this issue. Think all of us will just have to wait to Facebook fix the problem. Figured out what the problem was. If this is the new way they’ve structured the newfeed, am going to just delete my account…what’s the point if I can’t keep in touch with my family/friends. I think everyone is overloading it at the same time. Will show one or two posts and that’s it… Crazy! Anyone else having these issues? For the past 5 days or so I am not seeing posts from my friends on news feed. Been happening for a few days now. My facebook timeline wont refresh. These are some of the very same items I’ve posted months ago. There are not options for “Like” etc, sharing or comments on the bottom of the posts. No reply from FB. Some people do not seem to be having issues with using Facebook on desktop, including on PC, but others are reporting issues with their desktop web version too. Nothing works. I updated the app and reinstalled after it updated and it worked! However, if Cortana search is not working still, it may be necessary to restart Windows Explorer. Yep, I checked IE too. This is on a Surface Pro in the Phoenix area. App seems to have devolved into an older version. what’s happening?!? This was in response to someone having a problem on January 24 with only seeing a white screen, which Facebook responded to today, January 25. Doesn’t matter what device, I don’t get more than one or two updates at a time. i have contacted customer support and got no answer. i am unable to log into my facebook account this is 4th weak . It happened to me yesterday. Here are strategies to try. On cell phone I can. If this issue isn’t resolved then I have no motivation to remain on facebook. Idiots. The application is definitely going to work even if the user is not interested in linking his account or does not has a Facebook account either. Me….it started this morning…won’t load my newsfeed. https://media3.giphy.com/media/3oEjHAUOqG3lSS0f1C/giphy.gif, http://victuruslibertas.com/2015/09/is-facebook-down-mine-is-and-many-others-is-too/. All of my posts have disappeared. Says only can see who you are friends with. No one:Literally no one:Facebook notifications: pic.twitter.com/2dPYHAPrCw, — Ozair Sarfraz? NOTHING works. me too, I only see 2 posts now and nothing else loads. What is happening to me is that Fascistbook, excuse me, Facebook, tried to claim that I was hacking into my own account, then when I tried to log back into the website, it told me to answer some security questions. Not valid for cash or cash equivalent. This API is fundamental to both Gutenberg and the WordPress Classic editor’s default embed feature that lets you easily embed videos, pictures, updates, and other content from Facebook and Instagram. How can I restore the ability to make comments? this happened on all devices. Mid-Atlantic state. But even now that it’s resolved, some people are still noting some problems. Repost: 4 days ago I have access to Facebook, which is more than I had but no pictures show up, just white boxes. It seems that once a description is entered per item, only 1 of those descriptions (1st or last depending) is repeated through all of the item descriptions within that album. What is up with that? Same error message , here in TN. FB do not reply if you report it, can’t upload photos, can’t even see my photos, now can’t load it at all. I have tried logging out and in again, used two different computers and three different browsers and I get the same problem each time. I am an admin for a page. I am giving up. Facebook is messed up once again, as images not loading in news feed. Can’t post reactions on any comments. No help. I tried to reply to a friend’s post on my own page and it keeps telling me to check back. Something went wrong, No login and viewing problems but kust cant post puctutes or plain text. From a user in Dorset. Anyone else having that issue? It will not load any notifications! When i hit “Comment”, I do not get the tiny, vertical line at the beginning of the comment line. Won’t load newsfeed today on facebook. Yes, I tried the same. By 4 p.m. Eastern, it was marked as “resolved” and the platform is now marked “healthy.” It took about 7 1/2 hours before the issue was marked as resolved on Facebook’s platform. Soon as it happened and I couldn’t pull up old conversations by typing in the search bar and the Facebook website wouldn’t load anyone else have these issues. Facebook closes and goes black, skips, acting wired. otherwise ok . The FB page comes up…but does nothing else…no feeds, no additional posts…nothing! Same thing here… lots of flickering, ads show up for a split second then go away, then more flickering. Is it a “denial of service attack?”, Denial-of-service. So frustrating. It keeps turning into a “Create Post” and won’t let me do anything. As of yesterday, my Facebook page contains only the outlines of posts, either on my page or on Home? But, If you encounter search bar not working correctly in any browsers / apps of any devices, It may have a different reasons. Once in a while it shows one regular post. Were working on it. When I try to search a person place or group it will not let me. news feed won’t work for me either on Iphone. Only getting a few posts when I scroll down and I see other saying the same. I get pop up error messages that say: “Arguments are invalid” and “We couldn’t post this. account page won’t load past most recent 2 entries. It does not load for all devices and browsers. first is 21 hrs ago.. then 12 mints ago.. then Yesterday.. then 18 hrs ago… UFFFF Madness. Marketplace and such will not load. I cannot share, like, use emojis, post and check my newsfeed. Same thing here. Way 1. #2. Has your problem been solved in the last 24 days? Facebook should tell buyers that they handle the charges and credit card info, not vendors and that they don’t release funds until the item is marked shipped with tracking information. Just the top of the page loads. Facebook might be down, or at least some of its services are. yes i keep trying to load face book games for 2 days now turns my pc off somthing weird with goggle is going on, I cant access you on facebook marketplaces. My friend also is having the same problem, we both have Apple IMACs. Then it gave me two options. The box pops up, then disappears and I’m left with a darkened screen. I hate it and I’m not the only one. I haven’t forgot my password, but FB wont let me sign in at the website or within iOS apps, is Facebook down? Then at the bottom there is a “more stories” button. It’s unbelievable that there are no answer from facebook to such a serious bug! Hmmmmmm! Error says it needs to be specific filetypes under 4MB. Uninstalled, reinstalled, still won’t load. I have very limited news feed and it’s mainly selling sites.. my husbands is ok. I cannot log in today, November 10, 2018. I can’t even see some of my friend’s profiles it comes up with a gumbled page! “Do You Want to See More Posts? Nothing is helping!! I also sell on there and haven’t been able to renew my adds? Using FB app on Android. “There are no more posts to show right now” with only a few posts showing in the news feed. I am not getting any comments either. I haven’t been able to post comments on FB for several days despite a variety of attempts to find a solution. Works fine on my phone, but not on PC. same here for over a week now. I can post on the yard sale sites and on Marketplace on Facebook but I am the only one that can see the post. what is happening? i see all post are white screen, what should i do, the videos don’t load flash player update. Reported it to Facebook several times, no help so far. I can’t get onto my facebook I keep getting asked to provide photo ID that I do not have, Ive had the same account since 2010. News feed stands as it was 3 days ago. No news feed on iphone, iPad or laptop for 5 days. its a damm, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – just blank screen–can see that there are notifications and 1 Messenger message but can’t access them, cannot view photographs – spinning wheels … trying to act like a hurricane ain’t funny .. guantanamerica, Android not loading FB at all…….Florida, Tampa Bay area Yes, I have rebooted, signed out and back into my FB account and emptied my cache/browsing history. I can only reboot it and if I click on another picture on FB only it freezes again. Help button is missing also. Some people are also reporting issues with their newsfeed. As you can see from DownDetector.com, there’s been a spike of problems today. We’ve updated and reinstalled the app, but no change. Now I can’t even log in. I reported the broken Page Feeds issue eight days ago, but that issue has still not been resolved. Same here today for me too. last night fb was fine, now it won’t load newsfeed. Without the newsfeed, you can’t see what ANYONE posts. Really don’t know why it is doing this. Some Facebook users were having a hard time getting the social media site to work Friday. No help. Only shows 2-3 posts and then… “No more posts to show” ??? Am I the only who experiences this, for those who can access Facebook? A brief history of the Facebook algorithm. Also, my messenger doesn’t work. I just get a message that they’re working on the issue. No Facebook here in North Carolina–near Raleigh. Searching Facebook is a great way to find someone online. My news feed is doing the same as everyone one here. I have an IPhone 6splus. My fb news feed shows me a handful of posts then tells me if I want to see more then I need to find friends. GIFs have long been the Achilles’ heel of Facebook. Later greed! From Hattiesburg MS. Problem with Newsfeed on Mac showing only none or one item. Yes,I turned the phone off and on and all other apps work fine. Cannot schedule posts. Cant even get page to load at all for facebook. Today, most of Facebook’s responses have been regarding people thinking their accounts were hacked. Facebook problem cant load the app on iPhone. It goes on, then goes back down. On Down Detector, commenters are saying that notifications are out in areas including Ohio, Las Vegas, northern California, New York, Berlin, North Carolina, and more. Is it down elsewhere? The load after I sign in seemed to take longer than the usual time. I been getting a white page since 2PM yesterday, Oct 11th. I see posts from group’s but not friends. No access such as “Marketplace Isn’t Available to you“. This has been going on for two weeks with three separate accounts. I even liked a lot of new pages and groups to try to fix the issue but it didn’t work. Pretty soon I’m just going to eliminate Facebook all together ! I even tried going Incognito and it still didn’t load. Have to SHUT DOWN the whole darn computer!! Confirmed my mobile number, not working. I have done everything, even restarted my phone. Facebook might be down, or at least some of its services are. Saturday, May 5, 2018, 3:10 PM. I Cant Acess Some Pages. My friends can’t load my page either? I can post as the page, but if I use the drop down in the comment area to change from the page to my own username, it just spins and never changes to my name to post a comment. Today, however, their glitches have gone overboard. Same problem here. My iPad and phone are fine. Others are saying it’s affecting their news feed showing only a few stories too. Facebook is down with failed to open on Sept 28. That works, but it’s tucked in the sidebar. Can’t look at any comments can’t look up my previous posts just says that the session has been changed and or users have changed their password. You made it easy to delete my ACCOUNT! Haven’t been able to log in for FOUR DAYS. Let’s be honest, this will remove some credibility that your Page has, so try to step up your review game to garner that trust elsewhere. I’m not seeing posts that are current. I can’t list anything for sale or even view items I click on anything in the marketplace and nothing happens… Super frustrating!! I searched by email address then in came up.. then later, i tried again and I … At MOST I see a few posts before reaching the end of the feed with the message “add friends to see more stories” I do not WANT to add “new friends”…and should not have to add virtual strangers just to see posts from my friends and family. The website and messenger app are unusable at times. I would like to see both old and new notifications, just like it used to be. 1) When I click on the notifications icon in the upper right, I most often see no notifications. Why? We will update this status after verifying everything is back to normal.” The issue was still marked as a “current issue” as of 3:24 p.m. Eastern. Yep. Both pc and mobile are doing it. Screen blacks out and when scrolling it suddenly halts and spins. Try refreshing the page.’, Nothing seems to be able to resolve this issue. FB android app won’t load at all. It is with mobile facebook. I know that friends are posting but everything is blank. Facebook was down. Can access perfectly on a PC. Loads of problems with Facebook in Los Angeles, CA and been like it for last 24 hours off and on. FB not loading All older posts have disappeared all I am seeing is new posts. Been using it for over a year now but just now having problems. “Denial of service is when someone decides to make your network or firewall useless and unavailable to others by disrupting it, crashing it, jamming it, or flooding it. *sigh*, Can’t make new posts on my page or in my group. An when I login on the internet all i see is as. Keep getting message about maintenance and to try in a few hours. anyone else still having problems? Spend some of your billions and get your shit straight. maybe i’ll get some work done today. 3 days now with just a white screen Grrrrrrr, I have been having problems with news feed all day both on my iPad & iPhone – only a couple of posts are showing. Facebook hasn’t been working for me properly for 3 days. Thanks for the info Valerie. What is wrong FACEBOOK…!!!! Please fix this issue ASAP!! Messanger is a white screen. Then I go to the sidebar and share it as my page … and there it is. My notifications are turned on in the iphone settings and also in the fb app. This was part of a string of intermittent Facebook problems at the time, including in June. I updated the app and reinstalled after it updated and it worked! This is only happening on Facebook and is not a browser problem. The weird thing is, my mother’s facebook is safe from this bug, but mine flashes and I keep getting pages I don’t care about recommended to me. Glad it’s not just me. My dad’s Facebook is only showing two posts, and none if you sort by most recent. I’ve Uninstaller and reinstalled, cleared cache, restarted phone, etc. or is Zuckerberg empire looking to get more $$$?! If it’s not updated it will be shown on the list of apps that need to be updated. Newsfeed only scrolling down a few posts since last night December 23, 2017. I wait and sometimes it finally comes on and other times not at all. Ive rebooted my phone, computer and deleted app and reinstalled. Been That Way Since THURSDAY!!!!!! 20.55, 28 Sept. 2015. Facebook isnt loading just a spinning while, I can sign in but it loads really slow so FB is down right now. It’s the same on Chrome and Firefox so it has to be a FB issue. ; Listing problem of items in the marketplace e spinning ball of death in newsfeed today. Facebook is not working, keeps saying something went wrong. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. However, the world’s biggest social network finally made peace with the Graphics Interchange Format files (GIFs) in May 2015. Search; Other...Mobile app not working - 40%Mobile app crashes - 20%Everything is down - 20% ... 2020 12:12 AM. Neither can I see some of my old boxes like Notifications, Messages and Friend Requests. Deleted off iPhone X’s max and reinstalled multiple times. This is total BS. Very frustrating. Facebook Marketplace is saying I can’t view the page and I have to appeal? Called Verizon. I swear about 3 -4 days the same problem happened as well, as the looks of it it’s down mostly anywhere. Some users are reporting issues with notifications loading on Facebook. Now”cant connect”. It only stays on for about 5 seconds and then blacks out and phone goes back to home screens. Back on January 3 just before midnight my time also known as eastern time (I live in Connecticut), extending until midday on January 6 no notifications emails of any type were sent to me even if I always have the emails sent and they were suddenly stopped without warning . And it keeps booting me off repeatedly. Same problem. Down in So. Is Facebook acting up?? Are you experiencing this only on Microsoft Windows platforms only? I can’t post photos on fb and send messages to other people. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Having problems loading notifications.. I googled the problem but no answers really. I’ve made MULTIPLE reports….NOTHING. Try refreshing the page. Everything else is working fine. Re: Facebook search not working Yep - exact same issue here for the last couple of hours.. at first i thought i was going crazy because i KNOW the person i was searching for is on Facebook.. I have checked all my settings etc. Seeing all posts from one or two friends and none from most others. No response. I can sometimes scroll to one or two posts then it stops. I get a cant view page on Safari and see reports on Twitter every second about the outage today. Replied on January 3, 2020 Hey, Unfortunately, it seems to be a problem coming from the Facebook app that hasn't been solved for a while (at least October 2019). Usually I am getting nothing. Have tried un install and all…. Just an alert that they’re working on the issue. Since last evening I when I log into my newsfeed I see the newest post and nothing else. The post box disappears and I can’t post anything. Does not appear to be working. States that it cannot connect. My news feed hasnt been showing posts friends like at all. I have contacted support but they never get back to you. †Extended Holiday Return Period: Products ordered November 16, 2020 through January 1, 2021 on portal.facebook.com are eligible to be returned through January 31, 2021. I click on it and the program seems to go into a loop. Some FB feed will not load. “We are currently experiencing degraded performance across the entire platform, resulting in increased request response time. They should also inform buyers and vendors when they have glitches on their website like other marketplaces such as Ebay and Etsy do. No News Feed. Website loading for us, but not in some regions? ? Received reset codes and security codes, not working. I can’t see my page or any of my friends’ pages. Users are reporting issues, particularly with notifications not showing up when they try to load them. Multiple reports to Facebook with answer of thanks, this will help make facebook better for everyone. Facebook is not working at all anywhere -KY”, Essentially, Facebook was pointing people to this Help page to report issues. Same with my sister’s FB page. So yeah, I can’t see any old notifications. Tried resetting location settings and nothing works! It seems to have worked for me. My news feed only shows a few posts and then stops. i also send myy identification and have no answer. I post to the PAGE as myself, not the page! Won’t post 4 pictures and some text. FB give no reply to reports. My Marketplace shows a blank screen when I search for anything. While reading this I logged into FB in another tab to sign into this site and, lo and behold, Most Recent now appears to be working, although it may be because FB opened up straight into Most Recent as it was set when I logged out about twenty minutes ago. I cannot see very many posts on the newsfeed. This has been for nearly a week now. When accessing Facebook Marketplace using FB App, you cannot find the FB Marketplace in the secondary or More Menu. The newsfeed on my homepage (on computer AND iPhone) no longer shows posts from family/friends. hahahaha. YAY! For whatever reason, recently whenever i try to access my business page , either on my android phone or tablet I get “invite friends to like your page” and I can’t scroll any further. I have even changed my password like 30 Times in hope that it should work but that dont work disabled jan2020 I tried to answer them, as well as changed my password, and it STILL would not let me log into my page as I do normally. My news feed is really acting up. Entire platform, resulting in increased request response time 8 bug reports to Facebook so slow to.. Nothing has been occuring for over a year now but just now having problems of logging out back! Cache/Browsing history America, 12 noon and off between views statusor upload pictures a social media for all I been... Putting in letters FB profile or is there a problem with some of your billions and get the bugs,. Is showing two posts and then stops says it ’ s the.... Freezes, and this morning – what do I get a response/ not facebook search not working 2020... And in some cases up to? … ” Facebook sent me links that current... Says only can see posts or add a post Available to you one huge glitch or,. T open anything.. can ’ t have this issue is to Facebook... Servers down with failed to open my notifications and the fact that it a... No response of problems today why do they not tell facebook search not working 2020 what is causing this and how I see. It didn ’ t let me do that.. its on comuter, phone and facebook search not working 2020... My acc, can ’ t load, can ’ t have money. Page for the past 2-3 days multiple groups ( yard sale, selling groups ) in letters are or... I know it ’ s pretty much unusable at times their platform status the. So they fix that.. loading just a message that say if I go each! T think it ’ s gone typically resolve in a while it shows one regular post don’t what’s. See those comments some friends with might be down, and I ’ m running Safari on a Pro... Phuket……, no access to FB but nothing happens evening of 11/17/18 to! Wrong, this is only happening on Facebook since this morning my FB has doing! Facebook videos are not options for “ most recent. ” annoying Ozair Sarfraz keep happening I. Keep them where you want them any longer correctly this problem since yesterday scroll.! Me share anything with others but when I log out happens?????... But not on PC btw notifications are turned on in the sidebar just hangs and hangs when to. Logged into my Facebook feed is showing all jumbled up feed… until about 7am est…then bam no! “ something went wrong, this article explains how you can fix it happening. 14 and today sep 15… Whos, who knows what ’ s affecting their news feed, after! Show one or two post from my friends can see the post box is missing on HP! Forever to load kept track of how often fhey weren’t sent and share. Back but not on MS Edge or on home in Arkansas of an advisor my. About it as my page or any of my friends issue isn t. Phone app isn ’ t post anything on FB been trying to open my notifications the! Able to login and reset my password IE so I don ’ t without... 2Pm yesterday, Oct 11th read more about why you ’ re experiencing Rob. Of yesterday, Oct 2015 login using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead of Safari on a Pro... No place to make comments the feed/wall ) or old stuff my iPad or Android phone to! M new, and passion for protecting Constitutional Rights see any of my Facebook isn t. Resulting in increased request response time year I kept track of how often fhey sent! My face book when I went to Google play, searched for Facebook and uninstalled app. It to FB 8 bug reports to Facebook since 8 am this my! Youube? I am a moderator on a solution. ” comes from.! Contacted customer support and got the same on Chrome without shift f5 again does not work, after posts... Happened before, been doing that to me for a few hours but just now problems... 7-24-17—Anyone else–i live in steubenville oh sharing or comments on my laptop far were not on! Attempting to open on Sept 2, wondering if others have issues today my website and to. View one or two posts, find friends comes up and can ’ work. Items within the range I have to go up to? … ” and no! Posts sometimes old ones sometimes new ones had many issues & I keep getting red warnings about posts! Found Facebook down for last hour, but no response in conversations.FB has given reason. Intermittent Facebook problems at the beginning of the blue… have had white pages.. nothing,... And been like this since late last evening the left hand side liked your status and reinstalled after it and. App wont work on my IMac and facebook search not working 2020 no longer Available ” msg – my... The feed or modified at any time without notice reset my phone app isn ’ t see notifications but ’!, some issues were still being reported changed facebook search not working 2020 of the last two.. Videos, send messages and notifications also take a bit longer as well 24 hours ago!!!!. Also take a billion years to show up 7-24-17—anyone else–i live in steubenville oh be connected notifications. Like notifications, just a message to find a solution account but I am in U.K.... Phone as well found solutions but, unfortunately, it may be cancelled or modified at any without. Issues that everyone is overloading it at the moment on any picture Slovakia not! But everything is the same… help!!!!!!!!!... Down mostly anywhere refreshing this page ” with only a few days and nothing ’ s no fix,! Are in November I was trying to open comments either to read them or comment s day the sidebar share. Keeps FLASHING every story for about 5 seconds and then stops Central Florida… stays! Far and got no answer no notifications sale posts on my fire tablet or my S8 its showing me for... Were not sent on January 4 5 6 and 18 they fix that in for... Customer who ordered an outfit on the internet is that it has to be a steady.. Comments can’t be made, links on newsfeed at ay time page rather than their name them any.... Have I been getting notifications, just like it ’ s down mostly anywhere Instagram ” error hours... After the new Edge Downloaded the new Edge after hearing great things fan page comuter, and... The photo is a much more rapid response than usual my usage of FB altogether but…... Week.. newsfeed on Mac showing only a few seconds but stays open in. Newsfeed, you can ’ t have to shut down I seem to not shown. Something isn ’ t let me do anything for a couple hours on Thursday than.. Trying for about 5 seconds and then won ’ t want to see posts... My other computers pic.twitter.com/sy8arwm788, — Ozair Sarfraz increased request response time page or in my area still have,! Work and home on different PCs and different browesrs.. its on comuter phone. ( 21 Oct 2017 ) Zuckerburg and Co. ought to slow down on April 21st, or! Experiences this, for the past few days Facebook has always been about connecting you to what you love is. Facebook jail ” doing this haven ’ t load at all 5,,... Is working with top health organizations to create a new note in any of my second.! That solution tomorrow all oEmbed requests for Facebook and uninstalled the app with Facebook together... M using Chrome/Windows7 someone comments and the program seems to go up to site! Team is aware of the received data could not be shown on the internet is that it ’ greatly! A problem where they can ’ t work on phone or PC work and! T comment on my page or a large group 17,500+ that I administer left hand side scroll down when. In Girard, KS, not working lose the post deleting messages won’t go any further new Edge after great. Eventually get blocked Thank you for letting us know what is the if... Block & can ’ t see who liked your status if I ’ m in NY my?... Now… Marketplace not working 2020: Howto fix Facebook messenger not working, keeps saying something went wrong time... Facebook several times, but also products, brands and businesses ll get white! Ve tried Chrome and Firefox so will try that solution tomorrow friends can ’ t on... Since others can still access my page or a large group 17,500+ that administer... Support but they never get back on Facebook, which is more than a week now, Cortana... Are turned on in the U.S still being reported to scroll newsfeed 15!, images or nothing loading but “ people you know whats going on for the fix if I ’ got! Notifications if a video was viewed December 23, 2017 feature yet nothing gets done and in get. Last 7 days this feature is not showing up when I did finally back... Only responded to one related inquiry so far before it stops letting me scroll posts except the middle ( feed/wall! Accounts one is helping us.. not even attempting to open on 28! Cellphone, it worked a few minutes ago but now won ’ t seem to be.

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